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Strict approach of USS group to the missing catalyst issue (Akebono)

Almost all auction groups addressed the isue of the missing catalyst converter. Some allow to submit this types of cars only in "accident car corner". The strictes regulation is done by USS auction group.

USS has announced that from the auto auction (AA) held on July 27,2021 all USS Group venues will reject selling cars without catalyst converters in any corners including "accident / current vehicle corner" .

Since 2020, the prices of platinum, palladium, rhodium, etc. used in catalyst devices have soared worldwide. As a result, the distribution of vehicles with maliciously processed catalyst devices is increasing. Since the vehicle with the catalyst device missing is a used vehicle, the company has decided not to sell it in all corners.

In the future, all undeclared catalyst shortages will be subject to complaints, and even if the external muffler etc. has been modified, if the catalyst is removed, be sure to declare "external muffler (catalyst shortage)" etc. If the exhibitor's direct involvement or malicious behavior is discovered, measures such as suspension of participation in AA will be taken.


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