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TAA Kanto, operated by Toyota Uzek (Mihama-ku, Chiba, President Takeshi Kitaguchi), will open "Tama Yard" on October 7.

The Tama Yard is located in Mizuho-cho, Tokyo, and the yard site is about 4000 tsubo (including the parking lot on the 2nd floor) and can accommodate up to 350 cars, and is operated as an exhibition yard with a 2-story parking lot. There are no post seats in the same yard, and the exhibited vehicles will be inspected, exhibited, and previewed.

Tama Yard is the second remote yard held weekly by TAA Kanto after Kita Kanto Yard (Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture). Hidaka Yard (Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture), which is held twice a month, has recorded a high contract rate for each yard, and Tama Yard is expected to actively bid by utilizing its know-how in yard management. ..

Koji Horiuchi, Managing Director, said, "Yard development is one of the efforts to create an environment that is easy for local exhibitors and successful bidders to use. We will continue to listen to customers and think about what we can do." bottom.

Kenichi Arai, the venue director, said, "We will provide an environment that is easy to use, and we will work to create a venue that is easy to sell to exhibitors and easy to buy for successful bidders."


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