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Buying a half cut import – or front cut as they’re also called – can have many benefits for those wanting to do an engine conversion on their car.

Buying a front cut car is your easy ‘plug & play’ solution for engine conversions because you get everything you need for the engine transplant in the one purchase including all your wiring connections, radiator and more.

Second hand half cut cars are more economical if you also need to replace the components connected to the engine. You may also need other parts like suspension, drive lines, brakes, cooling system and more which also come with a front cut car. (make sure you get the right half…)

When buying a front cut you get all the auto parts in that half of the car.

The majority of front half cuts available include;

  • Engine

  • Power Steering

  • Gearbox (and Driveshafts in 4WD)

  • Air Conditioning Set UP

  • Pedal Box

  • Dashboard and Switchgear

  • Radiator including Intercooler, Oil Cooler, Air Condenser

  • Complete Steering System including Hydraulic or Electric Power Assistance and usually the Steering Wheel

  • Complete Engine Bay Wiring Loom

  • Front Suspension

  • Brakes

  • Exterior Lights

  • Bumper

  • Complete and Assembled Underbody – valuable!


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