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Akebono Co.,Ltd happy to announce the new service of exporting used auto parts in small amounts from Japan to USA ports.

How it works?

1. We sign the agreement and get the down payment from US customers.

2. Akebono provides access to used cars auto auctions

3. Customer choose car and make bid.

4. Customer purchases two cars from Japanese used car auctions through our auction system. It could be any car models. We transport those cars to our yard, cut them into parts, load parts coming from two cars inside the pallet and ship it to USA.

How much it cost?

It costs $5000 USD including all expenses with the delivery to USA up to the actual car price in auction.

Formula: CAR PRICE 1 + CAR PRICE 2+ $5000 USD=PALLET WITH PARTS FROM TO CARS IN USA (local taxes are not included)

What are pallets?

Pallets size: L -2,90 m, W-1,9 m, H 2,10 meters . Weight depends on the car, average- up to 2 tons

More details about pallets are here:

Where is your cutting yard is located?

Our car dismantle yard is located in Toyama city of Japan near the port of Toyama.

For our yard pictures please check here:

For any further questions please contact


Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'up, viber, imo,messenger, telegram)

Skype ID: live:.cid.6736d165a2b5f022


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