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Akebono Co.,ltd is Japanese Akebono Co., Ltd is an authorized worldwide used car exporter and auto auction agent of quality Japanese cars and parts. We provide following services:

1) Used parts export from Japan to UK

2) Used vehicles export from Japan to UK

3) Used bikes export from Japan to UK

Used parts export

Akebono Co.,Ltd exports half cuts . Our customer can buy even one car and we will dismantle it for half cut and ship it to United Kingdom. For details please check:

Engines export. You can purchase even one engine and we will ship it to UK

For engines price list please check:

Full dismantle of used cars. Akebono can ship one container of parts or only one car fully dismantled for our customer. Dismantle fees:

Used cars export

Calculation: auction car price + FOB rate +freight

For auction car price please check our auction website

Login: trial

PW: trial

Freight (April,2021)- $76 X Car M3 size

For sedan type approximately $915 USD Per unit

Used bikes export

In order to check bikes auctions please login to

Login: trial

PW: trial

Calculation: auction price + 65,000 JPY +freight

Freight (April,2021)- $76 X Car M3 size

Approximate freight is $400 USD

For any questions you can contact our representative in UK

Mr. Osama Asghar



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